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Nicolus Rotich


I am a Kenyan citizen by birth and Finnish by naturalization. I attended my lower schools, high school and completed my bachelor of chemical engineering degree in Kenya, graduating from Moi University in 2007. I then worked for three years at the Kenya National Cleaner Production Center (KNCPC) as a process engineer up until August 2010, before proceeding for my masters' degree in Finland. Graduating in 2012, I accepted a doctoral position at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) early 2013. As a graduate student, I also worked as a researcher at the School of Engineering Science. I graduated in the summer of 2017 with a Ph.D. in Chemical & Process Engineering before taking up a development engineer position (materials & equipment) at Fimatec Oy. Fimatec is a start-up company in Imatra, southern Finland working towards developing robotic 3D printers for concrete panels. I have since left FIMATEC to pursue and explore what has greatly interested me in the various technological areas listed below. I also support Tachasis Charitable Children's Institution (TACHI) self-help group.

JetPack Linux Framework

In the past few months I had wondered if a Unix/Linux based framework can be concieved. I concluded that if such a framework is possible, it will be faster (in speed), and cheap both computationaly and monetarily. As a newbie, I then embarked on this project and it has proven worthy. The current version does: 1. Automatic fetching of API data with no delays, and 2. Generation of initial front-end pages such as index, login, registration, and password recovery. If you are new to web development or a professional front-end developer, this tool will get you going in minutes. Check it out the project here Jet-pack and on my GitHub repository, clone it, double-click to install, and simply run it by typing "jetpack" on the terminal.

DeFinance Technologies Oy

We recently begun the development of a DeFi and other crypto project that is set to launch in a few months time. Under this project, I am the CTO & Co-founder. DeFinance Technologies Oy is a Finnish startup that taps into the constantly growing cryptocurrency market with a unique trading solution. Our diverse team of innovation-minded entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts aim to create the best algo-trading algorithm for the cryptocurrency market. Feel free to download DeFi algo whitepaper.

NT Tech Media

I am fascinated by the deep truths of natural sciences, mathematics, and philosophy of everyday objects. I, therefore, find joy in sharing what I have learned over the last several years of academics and industry experiences. I have since written a number of peer-reviewed publications with over 100 citations now mainly in process engineering, mathematics, and theoretical physics. Over the last three years I managed to put together a book titled "Mathematical Physics in Science & Engineering" which is available here as an e-book on Amazon. I also do peer-review for most scientific journals and I use the material to offer cutting-edge tech content on Medium.